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Advanced Technology to Keep Your Investments on Track

RMC has continuously invested financial and intellectual capital into our proprietary technology to ensure we are using the most advanced information systems and state-of-the-art portfolio management tools.

Real time performance statistics from our sophisticated information database.

Our portfolio managers rely on our proprietary information database to view up-to-date performance statistics - across multiple investment views - and get information on how each investment, in every portfolio, is doing relative to the market, peer group, and sector benchmark. The performance attribution analysis tool helps managers identify how each investment position affects the portfolio's overall performance and helps our managers better understand the factors affecting your portfolio performance.

Sophisticated integration of data sources.

Proprietary investment software streamlines the integration of data sources and analysis, while forward-looking technology anticipates client cash flow needs and helps portfolio managers make informed investment decisions and efficiently execute investment strategies.

Flexible reporting allows for a high degree of customization.

RMC provides highly customized reporting capabilities. We can generate reports so that you have the right level of detail for any situation. Our reports provide the flexibility to customize how investment metrics and measurements are reported so you can track progress towards goals and coordinate investment details with other trusted advisors.

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