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Investment Management

A Personalized Approach to Goals-Based Investing

We believe that financial success is best achieved when we collaborate to fully understand your situation, capture your investment objectives and apply our disciplined process to create customized portfolios tailored towards meeting the defined goals for your wealth.

Develop personalized strategies to meet each of your goals.

We begin by learning as much as we can about your situation, goals, priorities, investment objectives and what really matters most to you. Whether you're an individual, family, or organization, we work to uncover your complete financial picture by engaging in conversations about your financial goals, wealth concerns and personal priorities. The outcome of this deep dialogue is a clearly defined purpose and specific goals for the management of your resources.

Formulate an Investment Policy Statement to set investment guidelines.

Portfolios are designed based on your personalized Investment Policy Statement. This document sets expectations, serves as a benchmark for achieving defined investment goals and includes details on your investment preferences, asset allocation, and investment selection. The document also outlines:

  • Performance benchmarks
  • Risk parameters
  • Short- and long-term cash flow needs

Implement goals-based solutions using time-tested investment techniques.

Guided by the Investment Policy Statement, we set the asset allocation and strategic diversification for your unique portfolio using four levels of asset allocation: equities/fixed income, sectors, industries and individual holdings.

Because our clients are all unique, we do not use investment models but rather select a customized mix of investments for your portfolio. The foundation of our portfolio construction process is our research methodology and disciplined investing process. Using rigorous, fundamental research, advanced analytics and the experience of our portfolio management team, we select the best investments for inclusion in client portfolios. Our process uses multiple levels of screening and incorporates the perspectives of industry leading quantitative and qualitative analysis from Thomson-EIKON, Northern Trust, Thomson-Baseline and Morningstar. We leverage multiple sources of independent research from some of the most highly regarded and largest institutional sources including Fidelity Investments, Northern Trust, Dow Jones News Corp., Charles Schwab & Co. and Merrill Lynch.

Monitor, review and report on the progress of your portfolio toward meeting your stated goals.

We constantly monitor positions and buy/sell holdings, as needed, to ensure portfolios are performing to expectations. Because even minor changes in the markets can impact the financial lives of our clients, we hold daily investment committee meetings to monitor investments and facilitate continual sharing of information and ideas among our in-house team of portfolio managers.

You'll receive regular updates and performance reviews and always have direct access, anytime, to your portfolio managers. There's always a RMC investment management professional available to take your phone call, answer questions or resolve any issue that may arise.

Our advanced reporting allows us the flexibility to customize your performance reports and provide you with detailed information on all of the investments you hold, any way you need it.

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